Welcome to Hannah’s Homemade!

Welcome to Hannah’s Homemade and the wonderful world of pimento cheese!  Sometimes called Carolina Caviar, pimento cheese is a Southern delicacy suitable for fancy  parties and back-yard BBQ’s.  For all you skeptics (and Yankees), yes, pimento cheese is orange and it does include mayo.  It is also a classy and classic snack, delicious on everything from White Wonder Bread to fancy crudites platters.

Rumor has it, Taylor Swift only eats pimento cheese sandwiches while on tour, and Scarlett O’Hara subsisted of a diet of pimento cheese and celery while filming Gone With the Wind.  Ok, that last part may be an exaggeration, but honestly, no good  party is complete without pimento cheese.

Hannah’s Homemade Pimento Cheese currently comes in three varieties: original, horseradish, and jalapeno cilantro.  Order yours today!