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Hannah’s Homemade seeks to recreate the simple Southern pleasure of pimento cheese using fresh and local ingredients. Our pimento cheese is made in Brooklyn using hand-grated New York State cheddar; Brooklyn grown cilantro, dill, and jalapenos; New Jersey pimentos; and Southern love (otherwise known as a little bit of mayonnaise).

Sometimes called “Carolina Caviar,” Pimento Cheese is a southern food staple, enjoyed on a sandwich, cracker, hamburger, celery, or just straight out of the jar on a spoon.



Brooklyn girls Hannah Parker and Erin Alston grew up in North Carolina, where pimento cheese, the cheddar, mayonnaise, and pepper dip, is a staple in everything from brown bag lunches to cocktail parties.

Tasked with a dinner at their Fire Island share house last summer, the duo knew they were on to something big when guests began to bid on leftover pimento cheese. Recipe tests commenced (all based on Hannah’s Aunt Catherine’s), and now you can buy Hannah’s Homemade in Southern Style Original, Jalapeno Cilantro, and White Cheddar Dill.

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